Please do your friends a favour, let them know about us! We return your kindness with a 20% share in our earnings on all referred clients for as long as they are invested in our programs.

The referral payout is done quarterly and based on our standard fees for all programs: 2% management fee and 20% performance fee.

The referral share will also be earned on all future programs that the referred client might open.

Contact us for a personal referral code or just give us the names. All new clients that uses your referral code will get the privilege to be served by our selected personal broker.

Referred client deposit $100 000, 20% share in a management fee of 2% will generate a referral payout of $400 per year or $4 000 per $1 000 000.

If the program generate 50% in return on $100 000, 20% share in performance fee will give $2 000 in referral payout or $20 000 per $1 000 000.