The following programs are traded.

ProgramDescriptionPast 12 monthsLast monthYTDSince start
BT MultiMultiple strategies0.0%0.0%0.0%
Henry Boy TrailingHome runs0.0%0.0%0.0%
Henry Boy TargetBig gains, small losses0.00.00.0
Krypto KnightLong and short crypto0.00.00.0
Gold BugLong precious metals0%0%0%
Hot CommoditiesLong trend in commodities0%0%0%
Soft CommoditiesCoffee, Sugar, Cotton, Cocoa0%0%0%
EnergizerLong energy0%0%0%
AgroLong grains0%0%0%
Big AlgoAlgorithms combined0%0%0%
SatoshiLong bitcoin only0%0%0%
Crypto BullLong only crypto 0%0%0%
VitalikLong ethereum only0%0%0%
Beat The DealerMean reversion0%0%0%
Green WaveMean reversion0%0%0%
GrahamValue investing0%0%0%