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Henry Boy Target usd

Henry Boy Target usd

Henry Boy Target program after deduction of all costs in USD

Henry Boy Target
Henry Boy Target has a very low rate of “green” trades. Rather than a high hit rate, big gains and small losses are what makes up the result.

The investor must be prepared for long draw down periods, where 10 trades in a row or more show losses. After 434 setups since year 2010, only 139 has been green, equaling a 32% hit rate.

With 2 percent at risk per trade, $1000 grew to $45 230, or 4423%, after deduction of trading costs.

Henry Boy 
Henry Boy is a model focusing on very short term trends, from hours to a few days, mainly in the currency and commodity markets. There are two strategies with the same entry base but different exit: Trailing and Target. The seemingly small difference in exit makes each model unique, with big differences in the end result.

The Henry Boy strategies are systematic, with a set of rules for entry as well as exit, however, it is up to the fund manager to select the markets and the most interesting setups.

Minimum account size in Henry Boy Target is +-$2600.


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